Skylanders Party Package

 Skylanders Package

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 This colorful Skylanders Party Pack is ideal for adding a some pop to your next birthday party!
Easy to print and self assemble! Print as many times as you want! Simply print out the panels at home or any office supply store and string together for a wonderful addition to your party decor.

You will receive High Quality JPG files which includes ALL of the following designs:

* Invitation (6 x 4, fill-in style)
* Cupcake Wrappers
* Thank You Card (2x4", 4 cards next to each other making 4"x6" in order to save paper)
* Candy Bar WRAPPERS (Wrapper is sized to fit 1.55 oz. Hershey's Candy Bar - standard size Hershey bar)
* Water Bottle Labels
* Birthday Straw Flags (11 designs)
* 2 inch Party Circles (with Skylanders Elements)
* Blank Signs 2x2"
* Blank Signs 6x4"
* Skylanders Elements 6x6"
* Welcome Sign (8x8")
* Skilander Sign 4x6" (for invitation / thank you card)
* Candy stickers
* Instruction "DIY Party Decor"


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